For as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function, so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.

Romans 12:4-5 NKJV

Did you know that in the adult human body, there are around 206-213 bones, about 600-640 muscles, 78 organs, and seven TRILLION nerves? I didn’t even add the cartilage and fluids in our body. Then you break it down further to a cellular level and there’s so much more in us. There’s almost as many working parts and chemical reactions as there are people in the world. Yet at times, it can feel like we are a speck or something unassuming in the grand scheme of things, in the billions of people in the world. And you are.

I know, not the most inspiring thing to say, but it’s true. We are small. But so is an atom. So is a blood cell that if it functions right, goes unnoticed. If it functions improperly, suddenly the whole body is poisoned and in danger. Just because it’s a small part of the body doesn’t lessen the danger or it’s importance. Just because we’re a small part, doesn’t mean we’re not important.

What we do and how we do it is important.

The small decisions we make can, and will, affect those around us.

I broke one small bone in the middle of my foot. I did get it fixed and metal screws were put in to stabilize it. I can still walk on it and I only have a long scar. So everything is fine, right?

Broken Left foot 10/20/2020

Spoiler Alert: NO.

My mom told me, that when your body gets injured, it doesn’t just affect that one area and magically go away. It affects your whole body because you have to learn how to do things and what to do to let that injury heal. And healing doesn’t run by our standards.

I thought I understood what she meant. But then my whole leg would hurt because my foot got too cold. My right leg, the uninjured one, would always be tired because when my left foot is hurting, I lean on my right leg. When I got sick, I dreaded getting up and getting me food or even going to the bathroom because that meant I had to walk. And walking HURT when I was sick.

A break to one little bone causes so much discomfort and pain. Because it’s not just one individual bone. But it’s a bone that’s a part of a system, a part of a body. It’s not only just the one bone that needs to heal, but my body too.

Just like us and our decisions, they are a part of something bigger. My bone doesn’t see all the things it affects. (I know it’s in my foot and bones can’t see but just stick with me for a second.) We may never see how much our decisions affect others, but they do. Maybe for a minute, a moment, a lifetime, or more. We can and do affect others, despite our “smallness” or the “smallness” of our decisions.

And yes, there are other hurting and suffering members, parts, of the body. They’re important too. Because the body is important. I don’t just rub one foot, I rub both. My broken bone doesn’t know or see that. Nor my good foot. And my good foot definitely doesn’t reject me rubbing it or easing its discomfort. It accepts it so it can heal and get stronger for when I do lean on it because of the broken foot. And the broken foot gets stronger and heals, so I don’t need to lean on my other foot as much. Through small moments and small decisions they heal so they can work together.

So remember to stay in God, that no decision is too small to talk about with Him, and take care of yourself. We need you and God loves you.

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