Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

1 John 4:7-8 KJV
Sonni De Soto- Face in the Mirror

Yes, this is another author in the anthology, Mother’s of Enchantment. Please buy the book, not just to read my story, but also for all of the other amazing stories in it, such as this one! (Pre-order now, out April 19th! The link will be below.) It is an amazing retelling of Beauty and the Beast and this was one of my favorite parts. Because it de-villainizes the enchantress of that tale and also puts her in a light many of us, especially me, can relate to.

You see, there are so many ways we expect people to act and we all see love and how to express it so differently. We know this. Yet, we tend to do what we understand, like, or know out of habit. At least I do. But the world is so much bigger than what I see. It’s so much bigger than me.

Thinking that “well they should know I love them because I did… blah, blah, blah,” doesn’t make that true. They might see my point later, but thinking that causes some big miscommunications. Or a raging beast in this scenario. That expression of love might even scare the other person. All of this points to one thing:

A painting cannot know the exact care another painting needs. The Artist does.

We are all treasures and masterpieces and should be treated as such. But if we’re honest, well if I’m honest, I don’t know how to do that. With others and much less myself. I don’t know how to love. So I thank God that He is love. That He is willing to show me how to treat other people. He takes me outside of myself and tells me hey, that person wants a hug.

Then I’m like, me, hug them, God? You sure? It’s gonna probably be a Sheldon hug.

“Do you see another you around here?”

Nope, so I hug away! And then that person thanks me and a smile comes on their face. That was what they needed in love. Not advice, or a solution, or a gift, just a hug. Just an I love you.

Sometimes, especially with my kids, God shows me the love in consistency and patience. In saying no, no, no, over and over again, but also explaining to them the nos. Letting them figure out why I say no on their own. Then I go and pick them up after they’ve fallen from climbing the tree I said not to climb (and pulled them off of multiple times).

Love is more than what I see. If I tried to do it on my own, it would be extremely difficult, impossible even. I would end up hurting more than helping, just like the Enchantress. But with God, through God (for all things are possible with Him) who is Love, I just have to let Him show me. I just have to accept His way, no matter if I understand it, or if I don’t. No matter if I like it, or not. This is Love. God is Love. Do I want to love or do I want to do me?

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