Collage 2021

A week ago I had a Bible Study with some friends and we did a collage activity. For about an hour, we put together a collage about us. The reason for it was to remember that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. That God’s works, us, are marvelous. Most importantly, it was to remind us that we have to know this, in our soul.

Think of a favorite artist or creator. You know their works, right? Sometimes you even know the small details no one else saw. But how do we know someone doesn’t like that artist? That person doesn’t know the artist’s work. It’s like someone saying, “I love DC superheroes! Iron Man is my favorite!” Automatically, we’re like, “Poser!” Because how can you say something is your favorite but not know the works of that favorite?

How can we say God is the best and we know Him so well, but not know His works?

Do we take the time to let God admire and show us His work?

Take time to have a moment with God. Let God show you what He placed in you. Let God be apart of your interest and time. Let Him show you His work so that your soul can know it well.

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