“There we saw the giants ( the descendants of Anak came from the giants); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.”

Numbers 13:33 NKJV

So yesterday I went outdoor shooting, shooting 3D targets up the mountain trail. And the most amazing thing happened. I broke an arrow and lost another!

It sounds crazy when I say it like that, especially because those aren’t things we imagine as good or amazing. But I see it as amazing because I learned some very valuable lessons. When I lost the arrow, my grouping was so close, it skimmed the top of the foam target where the other arrows were. It got lost in the grassy terrain behind the target. I learned that I naturally shoot high. So then I over-corrected myself and shot extremely low. I hit the steel stand the target was on, breaking my arrow. It wasn’t my best round, and it was either the third or fourth round. I was only halfway done.

After that ‘not best’ round, I had two choices. I could admit that I was having a bad day, or I could admit that I have a good grouping and I need to learn not to over-correct. Here’s the lesson. The option that gets the power is the one I admit to. 

To admit something means to acknowledge or confess. It also means to permit (allow). If I did admit to having a bad day, how does that help me get better? If I admit to a bad day, what am I allowing my mind to see? Every shot is now taken with the allowance of a bad day. That anything bad that happens now is because of the bad day I allowed.

I didn’t take that option. 

Because when I looked up, I remembered my Teacher. God’s gentle words flowed through me like the breeze that morning. “You can learn.”

So I admitted that my groups were tighter and I just needed to learn to aim low, also not to over-correct. I allowed myself to learn, and I did. My next rounds were so much better! With each round I grew better and by the end, I was satisfied with what I did. I was happy with what I learned.

When we admit to something, what are we allowing into our life? Are we trying to allow a lie? Are we trying to force our way? Or are we looking to God? Are we allowing His will and way? Did we even consider or ask Him when we admit things into our life?

In Numbers 13, twelve spies went into an enemy camp with giants. Ten admitted that there were giants that made them feel like grasshoppers. So they allowed that image into their lives and the giants saw that. Only two admitted that there were giants and that God was more powerful than giants. They allowed God into their mindset, and one of those two spies ended up taking Moses’ place.

Let’s not let the giants and broken arrows of our lives allow things into our minds. Let’s allow God in. Admit God and His will into your life. He’s waiting for you.

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