This is my first blog, ever. I want a space to practice my storytelling ability and share others ability that have inspired mine. By storytelling, I mean any form, whether it be through photography, orally, animation, video, writing, however it is told or expressed I want to experience it. Because the beauty of a story is that it demands to be experienced. Whether that be by images, letters, or sound, that is up to the creator.

I am a visually and wordy creator. I want my stories to be read and seen, since that is how I experience most things myself. That’s how I process life. Stating this, this blog is more of a personal goal and accomplishment. It’s a commitment to myself that the words I write (or type) and the pictures I draw will not go unseen. I will not let them go unseen.

So, to whomever is reading this, I hope you enjoy this ramble of something that possibly could great or the rambles that really need some work. Either way, I hope it encourages you to tell your own story. To let others experience it, because no matter how bad it’s told, how much it hurts, how successfully it might fail, every story demands to be experienced. Every story may not be a good story, but there’s something we can learn from every story.

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