Love suffers long and is kind…

First part of 1 Corinthians 13:4 NKJV

“You were supposed to be perfect.” The wearer glared at the broken shoe. 

“You were supposed to know how to walk in me.” The shoe glared back.

“You matched my looks, claimed that you were sturdy, and oh, how great you looked. Now, look at you, just a broken mess.” The wearer sighed and sank deeper into a defeated slump.

“Look at yourself.” The shoe snapped. “You were the one looking and saw me from the window. You said you wanted me. Said that I was perfect. Held me and said you loved me. What happened to that?”

“I did! Until you let us fall!” The wearer cried. “You just had to break, didn’t you?”

“You were the one who wanted to go through the rocky terrain. I’m sorry, I couldn’t carry your heavy weight!” The shoe yelled.

“I’m heavy?” The wearer gasped. “Well, maybe if you made things more comfortable I wouldn’t have been such a burden. Oh wait, you were the one who told me that you could carry me! Yet here you are and you can’t even carry yourself.” The wearer dismissively gestured at the broken shoe. 

“Oh, I can carry myself. When I’m not stuck with some overweight complaining adult child always running away from something.” The shoe sneered. “I was comfortable in my window but you wanted me so bad! Is there nothing good about me now that there isn’t a window between us?” 

“Well, you’re obviously good at selling lies!”

“And you’re good at buying them!” 

“You were such a waste!”

“Well, you broke me!”

Silence overcame the wearer and the shoe. They sat on the floor, neither facing one another nor willing to look at the other. Both wondering, what now?

“I’m done.” The wearer said, finally breaking the silence. 

“I can’t change your mind.” The shoe scoffed.

“You can’t do anything.” The wearer said before standing up and leaning to the side. “You’re just a broken shoe.”

“You’re just a buyer that doesn’t even know what you want.” The shoe insulted back. “And you can’t even walk.”

Having enough of the shoe, the wearer limped and threw it in the trash. The wearer threw the unbroken half of the pair too. The wearer thought if one half of the pair was broken and unfixable, then both were.


So this was the second fable I submitted (well this is the draft) but it was the first one I wrote and the one God really spoke to me through. I hope you can get something out of it too.

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