So this post is more about alerting you all to the new page I made! It’s for the BOOKMARKS. I learned that the image compare block is hard to scroll with on mobile devices. I want the content here to be visible and accessible to everyone. It shouldn’t be a struggle to get the information or see. And even if it isn’t a struggle, if there can be a better way to get it, I want to provide it.

You see, God is so good and is such a great teacher that He is patient with us and is ready to give us what we need in different ways. Just so that we may receive it and His love. I learned, well learning, a lot about mistakes, misunderstandings, and struggling with getting it (communication, teaching, speaking, writing, etc.). Whatever it might be, God has shown me that I, this website, and my blog, everything I do, doesn’t have to be perfect. Life is a learning and growing process. I mess up, and sometimes don’t see every struggle or problem that can occur. But God is still God and He has a solution, in this case, an extra page, and peace at hand. All I have to do is take a breath and go to Him. Learn from Him.

So enjoy the new page. Bookmark it (pun intended) and remember that mistakes and mess-ups happen. But God is bigger than all that. He wants to teach you and help you through that. Are you going to let him?

God made my life complete
    when I placed all the pieces before Him.
When I cleaned up my act,
    He gave me a fresh start.
Indeed, I’ve kept alert to God’s ways;
    I haven’t taken God for granted.
Every day I review the ways He works,
    I try not to miss a trick.
I feel put back together,
    and I’m watching my step.
God rewrote the text of my life
    when I opened the book of my heart to His eyes.
2 Samuel 22: 21-25 MSG


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