There was a great and wise King, who ruled over his kingdom with patience and love for his fickle people. But as time went on, the King realized that he would need to pass on the kingdom to one of his three sons. They were young adult triplets, each with their own looks and personality. 

Alon was tall, back straight and rigid, with his head held high, not a hair out of place. He barely looked below his nose and never spoke, always ordered. Gabriel was stout and strong. Charisma poured out of him as easy as his lazy smile. His eyes always wandered to the next shiny thing that pleased him. Deror blended in. He was neither tall nor short, stout nor thin. He never stood out, until a person talked with him. People always left him saying he was an odd bird, always staring at the sky. 

The King loved each one, but he knew only one could be king. So he set up a test for his sons. He called them to the throne room. Alon strode into the room, his finest linens and all the medals he received from his accomplishments glistening in the sunlight as he walked in. 

“Go faster, Jingle Bells.” The doormen held in their laughter at Gabriel’s loud complaint. Alon sneered and moved just as Gabriel rushed past him. He skidded to a stop to stare at a maid. “Oh, hello there.” Gabriel flashed her a charming smile. The maid blushed and looked away shyly. 

“Gabriel.” The King said sternly. Gabriel turned towards the King, a sheepish smile on his face. He quickly walked to line up next to Alon. Alon rolled his eyes at Gabriel and Gabriel stuck his tongue out in response. The King cleared his throat. Both boys stopped and looked forward, avoiding the King’s stern gaze. Then Deror walked in with a smile, and a bright orange bird on his shoulder. “Deror.” The King nodded at the bird. Deror scrunched his eyebrows and turned his head.

“Oh.” Deror spoke with a soft voice as his eyebrows raised. He nodded at the bird and it seemed to nod back before it flew off. “I apologize for that, father.” Deror walked forward and took his place next to his brothers. He smiled at them and Alon nodded back as Gabriel smiled back. 

“Now that I have you all here,” the King’s voice filled the room and every eye was trained on him as he stood up from the throne. “It is time to see what my sons have grown to be.” The King smiled at each of his sons, and they smiled back.  “Bring it in!” He ordered. A few servants near the right entrance scurried away. They came back with a large scale, and three bags of rice. The princes’ eyes widen as they stared at the majesty of the scale. One scale was made of complete glossy obsidian that seemed to suck in the light, while the other was a smooth white marble that seemed to glow from the light. It swayed from the movement, but it was in sync, perfectly balanced. The servants placed the scale next to the King. “Thank you.” The King nodded at his servants and they went back to their posts. He faced his sons once more. “This scale is the state of the people. The marble is peace, and control. The obsidian side is pleasure, and chaos. I want each of you to do three things for me. First, tell me what you wish to be. Secondly, place the bags where you think they should go. Thirdly, tell me why they go there.” The King observed his sons as they took in his instructions. Alon nodded along, his hands clenching. Gabriel kept switching his stare between the King and the scale. Deror stared at the weights. 

“Alon, my general.” They all jumped when the King called Alon. “You are up first.” Alon nodded.

“Well father, I want to be King. The kingdom can accomplish so much under my reign.” The King nodded, his eyes examining Alon. 

“And the bags of rice?” The King gestured to the bags of rice.

“As for the bags,” Alon walked over to the bags and quickly put them all on the marble side. “It’s obvious that they need to be on the marble side. Peace is the goal of any kingdom.” Alon stepped back, a proud smile on his face. The King stared at where Alon put the weights.

“Alright.” He said slowly. He turned to face Gabriel. “Gabriel.” Gabriel smirked.

“Not all of us want the crown father.” Gabriel said with a pointed glance at Alon. Alon just rolled his eyes again. “Right Deror?” Gabriel looked to Deror. Deror blinked and nodded frantically. “Too much responsibility. I would be tied down here in the palace.” Gabriel groaned. “I’m fine being a prince.” He shrugged. “As for the bags.” Gabriel ran to the bags and threw them over to the obsidian scale, making the scale shake slightly from the sudden change. “The people are the priority. They’re happiness is important. I mean, chaos is bad but we can deal with it as long as the people are happy.” Gabriel walked back to his spot. He made sure to send a wink to the maid as he saw her again. She avoided his eyes once again. 

“Gabriel.” The King called sternly. Gabriel turned his head forward again.

“Sorry father.” Gabriel mumbled. The King shook his head but there was a smile on his face.

“Deror.” The King faced his last son. Deror gaped a bit.

“I like birds.” He blurted out. “And, and I like the garden. I would like to keep tending those.” He said shyly. The King nodded with a smile. “Okay, um the bags.” Deror went to the bags, took them off the scales, and gave one to Alon and one to Gabriel. “They go there. Scales are meant to judge, but, but we’re supposed to help and carry each other. Like the bones of a birds wing. By working together, sharing the load, we’ll fly. So yeah, they belong here.” Deror said as he stepped back with his bag. Gabriel chuckled and Alon smiled at him. The King smiled at him, and removed his crown.

“And this belongs to you.” The King put the crown on Deror’s head before grabbing his bag of rice. Deror’s eyes widened as everyone gasped. 

“Why him?” Alon cried. The King looked to Alon as he put the bag down.

“A weighted scale cannot make a fair judgement, my son.” Alon looked away in shame. The King went to Alon and gently put a hand on Alon’s shoulder, before grabbing the bag from Alon. “You are always seeking problems to fix for your contentment. Your scale is weighted.” Alon released his tightly clenched fists and looked away. “Do not worry, some time as the kingdom’s ambassador would hopefully show you how to see people and not problems, if you chose that.” The King offered. Alon snapped his head up, eyes wide. 

“Ambassador?” Alon gaped. The King nodded. 

“If you would like.” The King stepped away from Alon. Slowly, Alon got down to his knee and bowed his head.

“I would be honored.” He said resolutely. The King nodded, and then turned to Gabriel. Gabriel jumped to see the King’s eyes trained on him.

“Gabriel, your scale and your contentment is ruled by your eyes.” Gabriel gaped at the King’s remark, but the King went towards Gabriel and took the bag, silencing him. “What you see determines your state of mind. If it is pleasure you are pleased, if it is work you are already tired of the task before you started it.” Gabriel shut his mouth as the King went on. 

“This makes you good with the people but not the responsibility of the scale. You shall be an advisor, making sure everyone’s voice is heard.” The King ordered.

“But I-” Gabriel tried to rebut but the King’s stern glare made him stop.

“Is that too much?” The King’s piercing question made Gabriel tense.

 “Well, no. I just think,” Gabriel gaped for the right words but he stayed silent. His shoulders fell and he sighed. “I think I will try to be an advisor, if that is what you want father.” Gabriel said, eyes on the King. The King put his hand on Gabriel’s shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze.

“I would like nothing more, my son.” The King smiled and Gabriel gave a small smile back. The King approached Deror. Deror kept his eyes downward. “A king should always look up, my son. How else can he see what is needed?” The King offered, but Deror kept his eyes down.

“Why me? I am the odd bird.” Deror mumbled quietly but the King heard.

“Look at me Deror.” The King commanded and Deror finally looked at the King. The King was smiling at him. “Your priority is not how you feel, or the next task to be done. It is none of those things. Your priority is simply bettering the garden and the birds. And you are content in the truth, bad or good, because your priority is simply to make them better. Your scale is balanced. The weight distributed to make all you have work together. Of course, you will still be able to care for the garden and the birds. I just hope you will add the people to the list.” 

The King took the crown off of Deror’s head, then held it out to him. Deror stared at the crown, glanced at his brothers who nodded, before he reached for it. He held the crown and looked to the Old King with a smile.

“I am content with that.”

“Conduct yourself with wisdom in your interactions with outsiders (non-believers), make the most of each opportunity [treating it as something precious].”

Colossians 4:5 AMP

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