And that’s it. Eventually God will bring everything that we do out into the open and judge it according to its hidden intent, whether it’s good or evil.

Ecclesiastes 12:14 MSG

I thank God for my job! This new odd “temporary” promotion has shown me a lot of things. Especially since my group of kids are, very…energetic. They’re amazing kids and I love seeing them grow. I also know that other teachers are…not fond of my class. One teacher who subbed for my group before I was the teacher said that it was exhausting to be in that group for a day.

Because of that, people say I should go home and relax. Once I’m done working at the school, I’m done. Because watching and teaching, especially my group of kids, is hard work. I should relax, I deserve to relax.

Surprise, surprise, I don’t. I try to find verses to teach the kids. Or I come up with my own verses and stories. I practice songs. I draw coloring pages (some shown and digitally colored by me). I pray about each and every person and kid I come into contact with at my work. I don’t stop working hard just because I can. Because the next day, when I come in with a smile on my face, and coloring pages the kids love, I feel God smiling with me. He sees my work, and so do the other people that smile at the coloring pages too.

Now, when GOD says to rest, I do (well I’m working on that). So please, rest. And rest is important. Whatever I do is important. Whether it’s work, writing, going out, archery, resting, Church, everything I do is something God will bring out into the open. And not just what I do, but my intent, my purpose behind it.

Why am I relaxing? Why am I looking to relax? Why am I doing such hard work? Am I looking for a paycheck? Am I just trying to do the right thing and get through to the next day? Or am I treating my work as another open avenue in my life God can shine through? Do I let Him be my intent, my purpose?

Whether you’re unemployed, a teacher, a librarian, or a movie theater janitor, whatever you do, know that people see you. They may not say it, but people do see you. So whatever work it is that you do, know that God will bring it and your intent out in the open. People see what you do. Can people see God in what you do and why you do it?

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