May He (God) grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your purpose. We will rejoice in your salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners! May the Lord fulfill all your petitions.

Psalms 20: 4-5 AMP

Desire: To wish or long for…

What do you wish or long for? Is it recognition? An object? Something, or someone you lost? Love? What is it you desire?

I bring this up because today and on Sunday, I celebrated my birthday. During this time, people always ask what I want. I never know what to say. It leaves me flustered because I usually feel like I have enough. I have what God wants for me, and I enjoy His blessings. I share His love. I’m content, right? That’s when God reminds me that there’s more. That I can desire, and I can desire with Him and of Him.

On Sunday, as I was celebrating with my sisters when I got an email about the final edits of a book one of my stories will be published in. Then today, on the day of my actual birthday, the book became available for pre-order. Mothers of Enchantment is a fairytale anthology focusing on the role of the magical helper or fairy godmother. It will be available in April!

The news was so sudden and such a shock felt out of the blue. It also sparked a sudden childlike joy and excitement within me that had me skipping to the tram. With everything else in my life, and the book being constantly pushed back, I had just stopped thinking about it. A part of me just figured that things being slow, being delayed, was the new normal. I gave up wanting, desiring, the anthology to flourish quickly to focus on other things.

The problem with just setting that part of my life, my wants, my thoughts, my desires, aside was that because I put it out of my mind, I put it out of my prayers. God wasn’t invited to take control, to fan the desires, nor hold me accountable to them. I wasn’t able to fulfill all of my purpose.

God wants us to want things, to want Him. But if we, I, don’t let myself want out of fear of rejection or so I can believe the lie of ease in not wanting, then how long will it take before that thought process reaches wanting God? Will I let those things detour me from wanting, desiring, God?

Yes, wanting shouldn’t take us out of the will of God, just as much as not wanting makes us apathetic to life. We have to be in balance, We have to be in God and allow Him in our hearts and deal with those desires as He sees fit.

I am so glad God knew what I wanted and reminded me that He is willing to work within my desires, my heart, if I give Him the chance to. I’m so glad the book received an amazing cover. And I strongly desire any and all readers to check out the links below. Pre-order the book if you can. If not, at least check them out and spread the word, please. I’m not the only person who desires this book to succeed.

Thank you, for your support, however it comes. The links are here:

Amazon, iBooks, Blog

And thank you, God, for not only knowing the desires of my heart but fulfilling them even when I gave up on them. You are more faithful than I ever could be. Help me to be more like you. To keep desiring as You desire us. To desire You as You desire us, Thank you, God, the One I desire!

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