But in every nation the person who fears God and does what is right [by seeking Him] is acceptable and welcomed by Him.

Acts 10:35 AMP

So…I don’t know if you guys know this, but I love Transformers. Like I binge-watch movies, shows, watch Youtube videos, and even started reading books (comics) about Transformers. Though I don’t buy toys or figurines. Money, space, and travel are great limits for that. Still, I love those robots in disguise. I do have a few favorites, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and the most superior…Soundwave.

Recently, Hasbro created the series Transformers Cyberverse and I binged-watched it. It’s a good easy-to-watch series. The animation is simple in the beginning, then gets more detailed as it goes on and even more three dimensional in the last special. Story wise, the beginning is a bit cheesy and surface level, but it does go deeper later on. In fact, I’m so glad I continued the series because one of my favorite Transformer TV media moments is in the special. Also, I was really moved by a theme the show dealt with in almost every season.

In almost easch season of the show, there are instances where the Autobots and Decepticons have to work together to fight a bigger enemy. This is a big thing to deal with in a kids’ show because what those types of situations ask characters is this: Can you trust everyone? Should you trust everyone? Is the mission worth laying aside your vaules and views?

Of course, we assume that the bad guys would have a hard time with this. Which they do, even the most superior one, but so do the Autobots. Bumblebee, the funny and kind one in the show, instantly believed that the Decepticon they were working with betrayed them when it looked to be that. Later on, Bumblebee and us as the audience realize that the Decepticon was trying to get the invading enemy alone to take it out. Then she saved Bumblebee and the other Autobots. Despite their differences a Decepticon can be a hero just as much as an Autobot can. Even if we’re blinded by their differences.

This can reflect our own lives. We get so caught up in what makes us different, that we allow it to separate or define us. But is that individuality, experience, belief, you yourself, more important than the mission at hand?

God calls us to the mission of seeking Him and helping others to do the same. To do that, we can’t let our views block God’s. Our views our biased towards our experiences and ourselves just as much as the Transformers were biased with each other.

If I was an Autobot that got used to running from Decepticons, of course my mind is automatically going to think that I’m in danger from them at the first sign of it. If I’m a busy human that thinks not doing anything, resting is bad, of course I won’t. But if I let MY fear or view control me, I will run into a much bigger and more dangerous problem. I have to let God’s peace in to save me in that current moment. That means letting go off seeing a Decepticon, and seeing a possible ally in this mission. That means saying that I can’t help and need to rest. So lay your views and yourself down. Seek God and fulfill your mission and see Him.

Operation: Seek God, Go!

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