I was so foolish and ignorant; I was like a beast before You. Nevertheless I am continually with You; You hold me by my right hand.

Psalms 73:22-23 NKJV

First of all, I want to say: Happy Mother’s Day! To any mother reading this (especially mine), thank you for the example you set.

Two, last Sunday I was coming back from a trip with my family. I was really tired, but so happy. God used the trip to create some of the best moments in my life, like the picture.

That brings me to three, what God showed me this week. A moment, building upon so many important small moments. Whether the moments are good or bad to me, they build. Packing and shopping for the trip were stressful moments. The plane ride was a terrifying moment. Seeing my siblings excited was a great moment. Catching my mom and dad having a moment, was the best. All of those built on each other. All of those moments happened, and God was with me in each one.

No matter how I felt, God was with me. To Him I was important in each moment, making each moment important. From the plane ride, to the car ride, to my favorite moment, each moment I look to God, that was His favorite and most important moment. Any moment that I look to God, that’s His favorite moment. He held onto me and in that moment.

God is always waiting for us to look at Him. In every moment, He is waiting to hold us. It won’t change what is happening, but we won’t alone. So, when that moment happens, whether we deem it good or bad, our fault or not, God is there. If we look for Him, we will find Him. Then His favorite moments becomes ours. Those small ones that we look to Him. Those big ones where we let Him hold us. Every moment will become a Godly moment instead of good or bad. A building block for our relationship with God.

What do your moments build?

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