But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.

Matthew 12:25 NKJV

So here’s an interesting question: How do you think?

How do you process thoughts?

How focused are you?

I ask these questions because when shooting a bow and arrow, you have to evaluate how you think. To have a more focused shot, you need a focused mind. If you look at the side or on focused on not messing up, what are you likely to do? For me, I’m most likely to miss the target.

And that’s why I have to think about how I think. I have to map up where my thoughts go so I can stop and redirect them to where they should go. My mind can’t be divided on trying to get the yellow target and trying to not miss. If I hit the yellow target, I hit the yellow target. But if I’m not missing, hitting the red part is okay because it’s technically not a miss. Thinking that clear, hit the yellow, thought doesn’t leave room for technicalities. It keeps me focused.

With my body and mind divided, I cannot truly focus. But if my mind, body, and heart agree on hit the yellow, I now have a clear and agreed upon goal. An agreement usually makes things go faster, let’s the results come quicker.

Once I saw this in archery, I saw how I did this in everyday life. I tell myself to go into the room, but my body was focused on being quiet as my parents were on call. I was divided and I ended up accidently tripping into the woman. It was a quiet trip, but a trip nonetheless. Divided I fell.

God knows when we’re divided from our thoughts and wants. He is also willing to guide us and walk with us back to stability. To where our thoughts and actions can meet. He can show and bring us to the target. As long we let Him. We say, “Okay, God. Let’s go.” With Him guiding our thoughts, we can trust that we are balanced and on our way into the target.

One thought on “Mental Work

  1. This is a fantastic example of the scripture. So often people use it to describe a church or a group of people. I love how you applied it on a personal level. Are we divided in our thoughts?!? Does our heart, mind, body, and soul operate in agreement? What an excellent question!! Something to examine and investigate on a personal level!!

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