And they shall not sell or exchange any of it; they may not alienate this best part of the land, for it is holy to the Lord.

Ezekiel 48:14

There is this song, Breathe by Johnny Diaz. (Please click and listen to the song.) God has put it in my spirit, and I’ve been listening to it over and over. There’s this line, “Lay down what’s good, and find what’s best.” It was stuck in my mind, and I didn’t know why. Until I was talking about childhood things. There’s this little poem my mom always said at night. “In order to be wise, we must follow these steps, Listen, Obey, Don’t Talk, Pray, Give God you’re first and Give Him your best.”

How many times do we push God to later? How many times do we give Him what’s left and not what’s best? How many times does God give us His best? What do we give Him in return?

The first month of the year is over. We are getting into are routines, trying to fulfill goals, trying to do our best to make it. It’s easy to forget God or push Him in at the last minute, me included. But He deserves our best. He gives us His best. Even when we can’t see it or understand it.

So please, don’t forget to find God today. Don’t forget to breathe and give Him your best. Because He’s willing and waiting to give you His.

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