The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.

Zephaniah 3:17 KJV

What’s your favorite part of a romantic movie or a cheesy rom-com? Is it the tender and sweet first kiss? The passionate and all-consuming kiss that overwhelms two lovers in something more? Or is it those small cute moments that lead two people to realize how much they need each other? Or is it something specific to you? Something you just can’t explain till you watch a rom-com or romance movie (if you even like to). There’s something about rom-coms and romance movies that draws us all. For me, I am one for an adventure or action movie before romance, but there is something in those movies I cannot resist.

In some romance movies, there’s a moment of silence, stillness, where even some of the audience waits with baited breath. Some are screaming for the moment to end how they know it should end. But none of that changes or pushes the two characters forward. It’s their choice, they choose what happens next. The moment I’m talking about isn’t some kiss or declaration of love, it’s a simple gesture. A hand being held out, waiting for the other to take it (and if you’re thinking about that scene in Aladdin, that is the first scene I went aww at when I was a little girl). To me, that moment is beautiful because there is something honest and pure in that moment. There is choice. One of the characters has a choice to make, and the other character is letting them make that choice. They stay there for the character to make that choice. Of course, in some (most) movies there is a time limit to the decision. Guards chasing them, a boat leaving, or some crisis. In real life, we make that choice every day.

God is a gentleman. Yes, He is an almighty, all knowing God, with the wrath of a thousand suns. He created us with His breath and with a snap he can take it away. But God doesn’t. He loves us enough to be still and wait for us. Every day, He stands besides us, hand out ready for us to take it. Waiting for us to notice Him. God is love. All the parts of a rom-com we love, God does it even better. He creates little moments for you just so you can fall more in love with Him. He is ready at any moment to say I love you. He is still and watches you as you work, taking note of all those little quirks you do. He gets angry when you flirt or let your time with Him be stolen by other people or things. He asks and begs for attention when you flirt with other things or get dragged away by work. He is there waiting for you to take His hand, but never pushing you to. God’s love is something we can not fathom, but He gives it freely.

So, in this time of social distancing and isolation, rest yourself in God’s love. Fall in love with God all over again. You are not alone. God is there with you, waiting for you to take His hand.

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